Thermal Imaging Monocular

Adventure in a world of darkness

True HD
See the night world with pristine clarity through
the Axion's full HD AMOLED display.
Day / Night Superiority
Dominate night and day with Pulsar thermal.
*Ask your local authorities about the legality of thermal and hunting hours in your area.



On-Board Recording

16GB of on-board storage for pictures and videos

Why tell them when you can show them? Keep your trophies forever using Axion's 16GB of on-board storage. Simply plug in or use StreamVision to transfer your best moments into digital memory forever.


Highest magnification range in it's class
With the use of the 12µm pixel pitch the Axions are able to achieve some of the highest magnification ranges in it's class 4-16 and 5.5-22.
Color Modes
8 Color Modes
8 color modes from Ultramarine to the ever-popular Red Monochrome are available on Thermion riflescopes
White Hot / Black Hot
Our well-loved, classic white/black modes offer high resolution viewing in classic style

Stream Vision
Record and share your best moments with friends.

Stream Vision allows hunters to keep a trophy, even when they're not stuffing their harvest. Next time your buddy calls bull, prove him wrong right from the palm of your hand.