Digital MonocularDigiforce RT860 & X970

High Image Resolution 

The Digiforce RT860 employs a high resolution  640x480px CMOS Sensor with a 640×480 LCD display, while the X970 delivers a 752×582 CCD Sensor with an improved 640×480 OLED display.

Built-In Video Recording

Save your favorite moments using the Digiforce RT’s 8GB of internal storage. Stepping away from the SD card, the user can now wirelessly download videos direct to their smart device.

Stream​ Vision

Available in only the RT860 model, the integrated stream Vision software and app enables the user to stream footage real time to YouTube as well as giving them full remote control over their unit.

User-Friendly Interface

Designed for quick and easy operation, the Pulsar Digiforce Ultra’s user-friendly interface is simple and easy to figure out. Complete with an easy to read, icon-driven status bar and menu display, the Digiforce’s menu items are displayed on a contrasting gradient substrate allowing the user to not lose sight of their object while navigating through the interface.

External Power Supply

Operation time can be significantly prolonged by using high capacity external power supply units, which can be attached to the Digiforce 860RT via a micro USB port. When using at low temperatures, a power supply can be kept in a warm place (under the clothes) to prevent fast discharge.

Daytime Compatibility

Digital night vision devices can be operated in daylight without fear of immediate or long-term damage. They are also not damaged by artificial illumination, i.e. care headlights, street lights, etc. To reduce light transfer into the unit’s objective lens during daytime operation, the lens cover includes a light filter. The result is decreased brightness, increased contrast and more comfortable viewing.

Built-In Video Recorder

Capturing still images and video is seamless with the Digiforce 860RT’s built-in video recorder. Image and video content is stored internally and can easily be transferred to PC/laptop via wired connection or wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet with the IOS and Android compatible Stream Vision App.

Integrated IR Illuminator

Digiforce 860 RT is equipped with an 810 nm LED IR illuminator with a 3-stage power adjustment. The IR illuminator is reasonable for usage at insufficient levels of natural illumination for improvement of observation quality.

High Magnification

Basic magnification of Digiforce 860RT is 6.5x The unit also has a 2x digital zoom. Thanks to the high resolution of electronic components the image quality at 13x magnification remains high.

Long Viewing Range

Enhanced sensor sensitivity and high magnification combined with a high light transmission lens allow observation at a range over 250 meters.


Digiforce 860RT

Digiforce X970

Type of Microbolometer



Sensor Resolution



Display Type






IR Emitter



IR Wavelength, nm


915 (invisible)

Range of Detection



Battery Life (w/ out IR), Hour



Battery Type



Weight, oz



Digital MonocularDIGIFORCE

Digiforce 860RT Digital NV Monocular

The Pulsar Digiforce 860RT Digital Night Vision Monocular exposes the night’s biggest mysteries with an ultra-sensitive CMOS sensor boasting industry-leading low-light clarity. Equipped with an adjustable power IR illuminator and 6.5-13x magnification, the Digiforce 860RT is ready for close to long range observation. Crisp 640×480 night vision imaging display and 3 rangefinding reticle options combine to deliver high-function, low drag, jaw-dropping versatility.


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Digiforce X970 Digital NV Monocular

The Pulsar Digiforce X970 Monocular combines digital night vision technology, high-sensitivity CCE sensors and a detailed 640×480 OLED display to provide optimal viewing even in low light conditions. Invisible to the human eye its high-performing integrated laser IR illuminator increases the range of detection up to 500 yards. Featuring video output capabilities, users can now record all of their nighttime hunting, surveillance and security operations.


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X850 IR Flashlight

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EPS5 Battery Pack

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AL-915 IR Illuminator

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