How to Hunt 24 Hours With Digital Night Vision

By Pulsar

Many people wish they had more time to hunt. Perhaps they work late into the evening and their traditional night vision scopes are useless for bright morning hunts. Maybe they sleep until 3 p.m. and their glass scope is inadequate for hunting in low-light, dusky conditions.

Maybe they can’t afford a thermal scope or they never seem to have it available when hunting time comes. For all these bad-timing hunting problems, there is a class of riflescopes that has all the answers: Digital Night Vision.

Digital Night Vision, Explained

Digital Night Vision products utilize infrared-sensitive imaging that boasts large arrays of microscopic light sensitive capacitors. When stimulated by light, these capacitors fire off variously charged electrons. These electrons are then fired into our Digisight and Digex AMOLED displays, which convert this energy into the images users see.

Generally, larger image sensors are better. More capacitors mean more pixels. And the more data each Digital Night Vision display has available, the higher the resolution of the images will be.

pulsar digisight ultra
Huntress aiming with a Digisight Ultra N455 LRF

Digital Night Vision provides 24-hour imaging for all your hunting needs. Currently, Pulsar offers two Digital Night Vision series: Digisight and Digex. These scopes combine the clarity of thermal with the target identification of night vision to become the most comprehensive, multifaceted imaging system in the industry.

Do you like to stay in the bush all hours? Whether you prefer to hunt in bright daylight, twilight or late-night darkness, Pulsar’s Digital Night Vision riflescopes have got you covered. These scopes can be especially helpful on public land, when you never know what other hunters or creatures are out and about, and you may need positive target identification at any given moment.

Digital Night Vision Capabilities

Though unable to see in total darkness like a thermal, Digital Night Vision can see perfectly well with a bit of moonlight or with an IR Illuminator. Fortunately, Pulsar’s Digital Night Vision scopes are equipped with either 850nm or 950nm IR Illuminators.

Want to hunt big game? Digex and Digisight scopes have recoil ratings up to .375 H&H. That’s big enough to take down the world’s largest and most dangerous game animals.

Even if you’re hunting elephants and rhinos in Africa with a massive-caliber rifle, Pulsar Digital Night Vision scopes will be able to handle the recoil without a loss in functionality.

All of Pulsar’s Digital Night Vision scopes boast built-in recording with sound, enabling users to capture and preserve their hunting memories for years to come.

deer through a digital night vision scope
Day or night, you can always see your target with Digital Night Vision!

The Digisight Ultra N450 and N455 LRF come with—you guessed it—a laser rangefinder. These nifty devices emit a laser that can tell the user how far away an object is at up to 1100 yards.

These optics also all boast 550 or 600-yard detection range—up to 6 football fields—so hunters can relax in a tree-stand or on high ground and leisurely monitor the surrounding landscape. These detection ranges are provided by 1280×720 CMOS sensors that are at the cutting-edge of technological advancements in the Digital Night Vision riflescope market.

The Price You Want

Hunting overall can be a costly hobby. Hunting licenses aren’t free, nor are rifles, ammunition, transportation or lodging, to name a few expenses. It’s understandable, then, that modern hunters would like to save money on their optics.

Pulsar’s Digital Night Vision riflescopes range from $1000 to $1800, plus Pulsar’s quality-guaranteed 3-year warranty which covers mechanical and optical parts (eye piece, lenses, adjustment knobs and no/off switch), thermal sensors, digital CCD chips and the CMOS chip.

Pulsar’s Digital Night Vision DN55 Monocular is a mere $910 and converts daytime riflescopes into Digital Night Vision scopes (Available in Europe only).

All Pulsar Digital Night Vision devices come with an IR Illuminator. However, sold separately, Pulsar IR Illuminators range from $50-$100. Imagine that! For just a few extra dollars, you could be hunting with some of the most powerful riflescopes commercially available, and you could be doing it 24 hours per day!

The Do-It-All Riflescopes

Aside from separately sold IR Illuminators and Flashlights, Pulsar offers 5 Digital Night Vision riflescopes.

Digex N450 (PL76641)

digital night vision scope

Digex N455 (PL76642)

digital night vision scope

Digisight Ultra N455 (PL76618)

digital night vision scope

Digisight Ultra N450 LRF (PL76627)

digital night vision scope

Digisight Ultra N455 LRF (PL76628)

digital night vision scope

Most Versatile Scopes Ever?

20 years ago, few hunters could have predicted optics with these types of capabilities. 24-hour hunting with giant detection ranges, IR illuminators, video recording capabilities and laser rangefinders…it seems almost too good to be true.

Other notable features include:

  • 4x digital zoom – continuous zoom and 2x / 4x stepped zoom
  • Picture in picture digital zoom
  • Stream Vision app connects scope to smart device for remote viewing
  • External power supply adaptable
  • SumLight function
  • 5 rifle profiles with 10 zero distances
  • Variable electronic reticles
  • One-shot zeroing with freeze function and zoom
  • First-focal plane reticle options

So what are you waiting for? If thermal is a bit too pricey and traditional night vision device doesn’t quite get the job done, a Pulsar Digital Night Vision scope is your only real choice. It will probably become your go-to scope for any situation, and with Pulsar, satisfaction is guaranteed!