How to Use the Stream Vision™ Ballistic Calculator

By bmatheus

The Ballistic Calculator helps you determine exact ballistics for accurate shooting. Set your parameters for the bullet and cartridge and current weather conditions for a precision shot, even at long distances. The Ballistic Calculator is compatible with any riflescope, including thermal and digital night vision.

How to use the Ballistic Calculator in the Stream Vision app:

  1. Open the Stream Vision app on your iPhone.
  2. Press icon “Ballistics” to go to the Ballistic Calculator.
  3. Press “Set Calculator” to proceed with Calculator settings.
  4. Enter projectile parameters manually or select from the catalog.
  5. Set parameters like “ballistic coefficient”, “ballistic profile”, “muzzle velocity”, “spin drift”, “twist parameters” and others. Press “Next” to proceed with preset settings.
  6. Type in desired parameters and press “Next.”
  7. Press “Next” to go to “Set Outdoor” option.

You may skip weather setup and default weather parameters will be taken from the preset table. You may later return and set up Weather Setup if you zero in your riflescope in different weather conditions.

  1. Type in preset name and press “Save.”

You may edit, rename or delete your presets.

  1. Press “Calculate” to have your parameters calculated.

Set Parameters as Follows:

  1. “Distance” (distance to object) “Angle” (target elevation), “Wind Speed”, “Wind Direction” (0 – front wind, 90 – right wind, 180 – back wind; 270 – left wind). Tap zeroing values below the reticle to change the unit of measurement (MOA/mil/clicks etc.)
  2. Set the range of distances and units of measurement in this slide.

Setup of the Ballistic Calculator is now completed and it’s ready for use.