Need Backup? Get a Pulsar Battery Holder!

By bmatheus

(Mansfield, TEXAS 2019/03/12) – Have you ever been on a hunt and your thermal unit’s battery dies? Well, worry no more! Get back to hunting with the new Pulsar BPS 3xAA Battery Holder (PL79119.) The battery backup allows you to use 3 AA batteries to power your unit by simply replacing your Pulsar B-pack with the new battery holder to extend your hunt into the night.The Pulsar battery holder replaces you B-Pack and powers your unit with 3 AA batteries

The new battery holder is compatible with most Pulsar products including Trail, Helion, Accolade, Digisight Ultra and Forwards as well as any product that is compatible with B-Packs. The compact and lightweight battery holder can easily be packed in your backpack or pocket and holds three AA batteries.