Pulsar 805 IR Flashlight

Pulsar 805 IR Flashlight

Product ID: PL79071

  • High powered LED IR illuminator
  • Increased brightness and viewing distance for night vision devices
  • Variable beam control - from pot to flood
  • Variable output power (brightness)

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Product Description

Pulsar's high-power IR flashlights include a variable beam that can be smoothly adjusted from narrow beam to flood. Unfocused beam illuminates larger areas; the narrow beam light ensures the longest possible viewing distance. The design of Pulsar IR Flashlights allow spot position to be corrected in the field of view horizontally and vertically. To do this, loosen the ring fixing optical assembly, adjust the IR spot in the center of the field of the view (the NV unit should be on) and tighten the ring again. Featuring a weaver rail mountable to fit all Pulsar designs, the 805 IR Flashlight is equipped with focusable beam, adjustable collimation and smooth brightness control. Powered by 2AA batteries, it does not drain the internal power storage of a night vision device.


  • Increases viewing range in extremely dark conditions
  • Smooth power adjustment, Variable beam
  • Adjustable IR spot position
  • Attachment on any night vision devices with a Weaver rail or 1/4 inch socket
  • Low battery indicator, Compact and lightweight
Product Downloads
Included in Package
  • Pulsar 805 IR Flashlight
  • Carrying case
  • Adapter for devices with a 1/4 inch socket
  • cleaning cloth
  • user manual