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        SKU : PL79047

        The Pulsar Digisight Rifle Prism 14/200 Mount is designed for joint use with the Digisight N550, N750 and N770 Digital Night Vision Riflescopes. Equipped with a Prism 14/200 mount and mounting screws, the Rifle Prism Mount mounts the Digisight to any Blaser® Saddle Mount Prism or Prism Claw Mount. 

        Included in Package

        • Prism 14/200 mount
        • mounting screws


        • Adapts Digisight to attach to Blaser® saddle mount prisma or prism claw mounts

        Compatible With Digisight 550, 750, and 770
        Dimensions 113x22x12 mm
        Weight 1.3 oz



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