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        SKU : PL79167

        The rechargeable Double DNV Battery Pack is designed to power a Pulsar Forward DFA75 digital front attachment, Forward DN55 digital monocular, Quantum and Quantum Lite Thermal Monocular. This weapons-mountable accessory increases operational time of your thermal and night vision optics, so you'll never be in the dark without power. Constructed with a lightweight water-resistant body, the Double DNV Battery Pack offers simplicity and reliability even for your most unpredictable nights.  

        Included in Package

        • Charging container
        • Carry pouches

        Battery Used

        • Type: NiMH
        • Quantity: 2

        Product Downloads


        • Rechargeable battery pack
        • Designed to power Pulsar Forward Front Attachments and Quantum thermal monoculars
        • Increases operational time of external equipment
        • Compact and lightweight

        EXPORT CONTROL NOTICE: This product is controlled for export and in-country transfer under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). division contrary to U.S. law prohibited.

        California Disclaimer

        Battery Type NiMH
        Full Battery Charge Time 6 Hours
        Body Material ABS Plastic
        Degree of Protection (acc. to IEC 60529) IPX5
        Operating temperature, F/C -13 to 122 / -25 to 50 F/C
        Length 2.8 / 70 in / mm
        Width (in/mm) 1.5 / 37 in / mm
        Height (in/mm) 1.5 / 37 in / mm
        Weight 4.6 oz
        Rated Capacity (MilliAmpere-hour Rating), mAh 2,300
        Nominal Voltage, V 4.8
        Voltage at end of discharge, V 3.6
        Charging Voltage, V 5.8
        Full discharge time 9 (I=250 мА) hour
        Cycle Life, times 500+



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