Thermal Imaging MonocularHELION

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High Image Resolution 

The Helion XP boasts an uncooled, 640x480px thermal sensor with a 17µm pixel pitch, for highly detailed image.

Built-In Video Recording

Save your favorite moments using the Helion’s 8GB of internal storage. Stepping away from the SD card, the user can now wirelessly download videos direct to their smart device.

Stream​ Vision

Stream Vision enables the user to stream footage real time to YouTube as well as giving them full remote control over their unit.

User-Friendly Interface

Designed for quick and easy operation, the Pulsar Helion’s user-friendly interface is simple and easy to figure out. Complete with an easy to read, icon-driven status bar and menu display, the Helion’s menu items are displayed on a contrasting gradient substrate allowing the user to not lose sight of their object while navigating through the interface.

Additional Custom Color Modes

In addition to user-favorite “white hot” and “black hot” imaging. Helion scopes offer a robust array of 8 color palettes for true colorized temperature mapping. 


Extended Battery Life

Powered by Pulsar’s new rechargeable B-Pack battery, the Helion is able to run all night with a battery life of 8 hours.

Updatable Software

For initial setup and additional updates, the IOS and Android compatible Stream Vision App ensures the most recent Helion Software versions are available.

High Image Frequency

At a high refresh rate of 50Hz, the Helion provides comfortable viewing throughout dynamic, rapid motion.

Variable Magnification

Helion models include variable magnification, up to 8x depending on the model and feature both 2x step-up and smooth, graduated magnification for a truly optimum, customized field of view.

Stadiametric Rangefinder

Based on estimated heights of observed objects, the stadiametric rangefinding reticle makes determining precise distances fast, easy and reliable.

B-Pack Power Supply

Helion includes a B-Pack power supply consisting of a quick-detach, rechargeable IPS5, 5.2A-h battery pack designed to deliver over 8 hours of operation on maximum mode. Available for add-on is the high-powered IPS10 battery packs, providing an unprecedented 16 hours of battery life.

Wireless Remote Control

The ergonomic, wireless remote control, with encoder wheel, puts the full range of the Helion’s capabilities at your fingertips for comfortable, convenient, hands-off operation.

Fully Waterproof

IPX7 waterproof-rated protection ensures the Helion performs perfectly in wet weather, even during intense rain, snowfall and submersion in 3ft. of water for up to 30 minutes.

Wide Range of Operating Temperatures

With a frost-resistant AMOLED display, the Helion thermal imaging monoculars are designed to deliver flawless performance at an extreme temperature range of -13° to 122°F.

Wirelessly Stream Videos 

Thermal Imaging MonocularHELION

Helion XQ38F

Boasting IPX7 waterproof, dustproof and fogproof construction, heat signature detection range up to 1,475 yds., rich 17μm 384x288px resolution on an AMOLED display and 3.1-12.4x magnification, the Helion XQ38 is ready to deliver premium imaging in just about any condition. 8 color modes make customizing your field of view easy while a rechargeable 8-hr battery pack keeps you in the action longer than ever before. The Helion XQ38 even features onboard recording and Stream Vision App compatible Wi-Fi for wireless monitoring, streaming video and transferring data.



Helion XQ50F

Take thermal surveillance long range with adult-size heat detection up to 2,000 yds. Not only does the XQ50 reach out farther than any previous Pulsar thermal device, it comes packed with other features sure to heat up your outdoor action including detailed 17μm 384x288px resolution, AMOLED display, 4.1-16.4x magnification, 8 color modes, 8-hr rechargeable battery, onboard recording and Stream Vision App compatible Wi-Fi for wireless monitoring, streaming video and transferring data. The Helion XQ50F is a great option for law enforcement, security, first responders and outdoor enthusiasts.



Helion XP28

Rest assured, with heat signature detection up to 1,100 yds. 1.4-11.2x magnification and rich 640x480px resolution on an AMOLED display, nothing can hide from the Helion XP28 Monocular’s eagle eye. Onboard recording and Stream Vision App compatible Wi-Fi lets you capture your observations for later review and even allows others watch the action on your display from their personal devices. Wi-Fi also provides a great way to stream to YouTube and other platforms, transfer data and upgrade device firmware.



Helion XP38

Boasting serious long range heat signature detection up to 1,475 yds. and a rich 640x480px field of view on a AMOLED display, the XP38 delivers best-in-class performance in nearly any environment. While 1.9-15.2x magnification delivers amazing close- to long-range surveillance imaging, 8 color modes make customizing the field of view fast and easy. Integrated video recording makes capturing the memories you want, or evidence you need, simple while Stream Vision App compatible Wi-Fi allows others to tune in for wireless monitoring, streaming video and data transfer.



Helion XP50

With a jaw-dropping heat detection range of up to 2,000 yds., true 640×480 17µm, proprietary picture-in-picture, onboard video recording, 13 reticles with color and brightness settings and an 8-hr rechargeable battery pack, Pulsar’s Flagship Helion XP50 Monocular walks the leading edge of thermal innovation. The IPX7 waterproof, fogproof and dustproof XP50 also boasts 2.5-20x magnification, 8 color modes, AMOLED display, 8-hr rechargeable battery and Stream Vision App compatible Wi-Fi for wireless monitoring, streaming video and transferring data. The Pulsar Helion XP50 Monocular is the perfect complement to law enforcement, security, first response, marine and outdoor pursuits.