Pulsar Warriors Continue Operations

By Pulsar

Valued customers,

Thank you for choosing Pulsar. During this Covid-19 pandemic, we are fully operational and ready to assist in any way possible. Our discount outdoor lifestyle products are more crucial now than ever, and our warranties are rock-solid. Our commitment to providing superior customer service and high-quality products has not wavered. Our North American distribution partner, Sellmark Corporation, is also fully operational and ready to assist our customers.  

For assistance with your product, please visit:

www.pulsarnv.com or www.sellmark.net

In support of law enforcement, military and shipping/distribution operations, we are considered an essential business. Many of our employees are working remotely to help support social distancing efforts, and the ones working in-person have been given KN95 masks, protective gloves, hand sanitizer and distancing guidelines.

In these uncertain times, protecting and providing for our families is the top priority. At Sellmark, we get critical thermal products products into the hands of military, police and first responders – at a discount! Thermal imaging optics are especially valuable – hunters need to see their prey, and be able to identify and recognize different creatures in the night. Night vision is another hot commodity – when the lights go out, ranchers and farm workers still need to be able to see.

We understand that not all of our customers are hardcore outdoorsmen and survivalist fanatics. Average, office-dwelling 9-to-5 working men and women need firearms accessories, too, and our top-notch inventory is light-years ahead of the competition! Pulsar provides premium gear at a competitive price compared to other large outdoor lifestyle companies, and we stand behind every product, and our customer service is light-years ahead of other thermal and night vision companies. We answer our phones, respond to emails and fulfill every warranty guarantee that we give. We recognize that individual, quality service is what sets us apart – and we hope you recognize that, too!

Many of the products we sell are not what jumps into people’s minds when they think of survivalism. Thermal optics are just for hunting, right? Wrong – thermal optics can help find a missing person in the woods, or an animal that has wandered from the herd, or detect something as simple as a malfunctioning radiator in a cabin.

Although we carry many different products, we fully stand behind every one of them. Everything that is purchasable on www.pulsarnv.com is backed by a warranty. Customers will never purchase an item, discover it is defective, and then be ignored or left out in the cold. We pride ourselves on human-to-human relationships, and our quality assurance and sales employees are highly knowledgeable and experienced in every facet of outdoor lifestyles. 

In a world of uncertainties, Pulsar is a name you can trust. Our employees remain committed to good health, honest business practices and top-notch customer service. During this Covid-19 pandemic, we have never stopped working. Our customers are the #1 priority, and we will continue to comply with all federal, state and local guidelines to ensure that we fulfill our mission to safely provide outdoor lifestyle products. As recent months have shown, the future is unpredictable, and if you want to prepare efficiently and affordably, bring your business to Pulsar!