Thermal Riflescopes

True Superiority

“This thing is unbelievable. I sold my house to afford it and built a castle from the rotting corpses of feral hogs I’ve laid down around me.””I bought three of these. My wife tried to kill me for it last night…. but guess what? I saw her coming.””купите все это прямо сейчас. Они удивительны.”A Ring RevolutionAll the right measurements.Thermion thermal riflescopes’ all-metal body fits any standard 30mm mounting rings, allowing you the versatility to mount as you see fit. The first-in-the-world body style gives the classic sportsman look hunters are used to – matching any style of firearm or crossbow.Day / Night SuperiorityDominate night and day with Pulsar thermal.12µmor17µm320×240or640×480Our industry-leading 12µm or 17µm sensors available in 320×240 or 640×480respectively allow you to see the unseen up to 2300 yards away, day or night.There’s no need to switch day/night modes or wait – the Thermion works in alllight conditions without having to fumble through clunky menus.*Ask your local authorities about the legality of thermal and hunting hours in your area.On-Board Recording16GB of on-board storage for pictures and videosWhy tell them when you can show them? Keep your trophies foreverusing Thermion’s 16GB of on-board storage. Simply plug in or use StreamVisionto transfer your best moments into digital memory forever.But wait, there’s more.Color ModesWe heard you.8 Color Modes8 color modes from Ultramaring to the ever-popular Red Monochrome are available on Thermion riflescopesWhite Hot / Black HotOur well-loved, classic white/black modes offer highresolution viewing in classic styleStream VisionRecord and share your best moments with friends.Stream Vision allows hunters to keep a trophy, evenwhen they’re not stuffing their harvest. Next time yourbuddy calls bull, show him what really happened.Forgot to hit record? No worries, Recoil ActivatedRecording (RAV) has you covered for 3 secondsbefore the trigger is pulled. Add Icon