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Digital Night Vision Riflescope Reticles

By bmatheus  

Have you ever been on a daytime hunt and didn’t see anything? It would be great if you had an optic to continue your hunt deep into the night, wouldn’t it? See at night with clarity with the new Pulsar Digisight Ultra N455 digital night vision riflescope. Pulsar’s enhanced technology is perfect to take down hogs, varmints and predators at night.

More About Digisight

The Digisight Ultra N455 4.5-18x features picture-in-picture, 2x/4x digital zoom with continuous and stepped options, wide field of view, 10 reticle options and a removable 940 IR illuminator. Use the Digisight Ultra to record your hunts with the built-in video recorder and 16GBs of internal memory, and easily stream your adventure with the Stream Vision App or use your phone for remote viewing. Hunt all night with Pulsar’s B-Pack allowing you to go eight-hours on a full charge. The Ultra N455 can withstand recoil up to .375 H&H and is IPX7 waterproof rated. The Digisight Ultra also includes a battery pack, charging kit, USB cable, wireless remote control, QD Weaver/Picatinny rail, cleaning cloth, carrying case and hex key.

Display and Reticle Color Benefits

Pulsar uses a high-resolution 1280×720 CMOS sensor with a 1024×768 AMOLED display and boasts a detection range up to 550 yards. Its black-and-white imaging is perfect to contrast the colored reticles. This display provides a stronger contrast to detect hogs, varmints and predators.

One way to increase your visibility is by selecting the right reticle color option. Pulsar includes 9 color options to go along with 10 reticle displays (see below.) Colors options are black/red dot, white/red dot, black/green dot, white/green dot, red, green, yellow, blue and orange.

There are many benefits to each reticle color, for example, a white reticle with a red or green dot (if available) provides greater contrast against targets appearing darker through your digital night vision device; and the same goes for a black reticle against a lighter target. The white or black reticle increases your ability to acquire a target quickly while the red or green dot helps with precise placement.

Reticle Options


The Digisight Ultra N455 includes two close-quarter reticles, D50i and C50i. D50i is a simple 2.6 MOA mini-cross reticle and can be magnified up to 7.4 MOA when zoomed in at 4.5x. C50i is your more traditional circle dot reticle with crosshairs. The circle dot reticle is a 35-MOA circle with 2.4-MOA center dot and increases to a 100-MOA circle with a 7-MOA center dot at full magnification. Both reticles are great when shooting between 50-100 yards.

Close- to Mid-Range

Reticles X54i, H50i, X50i and T54i are great for close- to mid-range shooting and mid-range hog, predator and varmint hunting. This set of reticles aren’t as complex as the close-quarter reticles. Reticle X54i is similar to C50i but features longer crosshairs to cover more target are at further distances. H50i features four crosshairs lines at 10-MOA (y-axis) and 110-MOA (x-axis,) X50i includes x- and y-axis crosshairs with the bottom 3 including a thicker crosshair at 90-MOA and finally, the T54i is a German #1 reticle. Each reticle increases in size when zoomed in at 3.5x magnification.


Reticles M58i, X51Fi-300, M56Fi, and M57Fi are designed for longer-range target shooting and hunting where holdovers may be appropriate. The most complex reticle out of the group is the M58i reticle which is a Milli-radian reticle. This means the reticle holds subtension lines valued at 1-mil at 125 yards. Reticle X51Fi-300 is a simple crosshair pattern with three subtention lines on the lower y-axis. The first line measures 6 inches at 225 yards, great for predators, the next at 9 inches and the final line at 35 inches at 225 yards.

The last two, M56Fi and M57Fi are similar. They’re both crosshair reticles with subtension lines measured at 3.5 MOA with, each subtension measured at 0.86 MOA at 125 yards. The only major difference between the two is that M57Fi features a longer lower y-axis.

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