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Pulsar's groundbreaking Telos series of thermal imaging monoculars are designed to revolutionize your hunting experience with their upgradable and customizable features. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a tactical enthusiast, Telos monoculars are built to adapt to your specific needs.

Equipped with a laser rangefinder, the Telos LRF XP50 takes your shooting accuracy to the next level, assisting with long-range shots and ensuring precision targeting even in challenging conditions. With the ability to accurately measure distances, you can confidently take shots with unparalleled accuracy, knowing your target is within reach.

The Telos XP50 boasts a vertical symmetrical layout of controls, allowing for comfortable use with both hands. The buttons are conveniently located in a row on the top panel, while the lens rings provide intuitive control over focusing and changing magnification. This user-friendly design ensures seamless operation in any hunting situation, giving you the edge you need to stay focused on your target.

Like all Pulsar thermal products, the Telos XP50 features an array of advanced features, including an 8-color palette selection, built-in recording suite, and durable construction. Whether you're tracking game in the wilderness or conducting surveillance operations, the Telos XP50 delivers unmatched performance and reliability, ensuring you never miss a moment of the action.

Experience the future of thermal imaging technology with Pulsar's Telos XP50 riflescope. With its upgradable and customizable features, laser rangefinder capability, and user-friendly design, the Telos XP50 empowers you to take your hunting experience to new heights, ensuring success with every shot.