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Pulsar Firmware Update Release 01/04/2021

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By Pulsar  

Firmware Updates are available for the following Pulsar devices:

Axion XM30s

Axion XQ

Trail 2




What’s New for FW/Software Version 2.7 / 4.7?

The 12/29/2020 FW version update improves the output of the built-in video recorder and encodes the video recording files.
After the FW/software update, your unit will be able to:

  • Play video files with sound via Stream Vision app or built-in/native players on iOS and Mac OS
  • Share recorded video files via messaging Apps on iOS, Mac OS and Android.

Sound and sharing

Relevant Applications: iOS Android
Whatsapp + +
Viber + +
Telegram + +
FB messenger + +
FB stories + +
FB page + +
Skype + +
Tik tok + +
Instagram messenger + +
Instagram stories + +
Instagram profile + +
IGTV + +
Youtube + +

Sound in videos

MacOS QuickTime Player
  Elmedia Video Player
Windows Windows Media
iOS Gallery
Аndroid Gallery

How to Update the Unit Firmware

Install Stream Vision – the free mobile application is available via Google Play Market or the AppStore. To connect your smartphone to your thermal imaging unit and update your devices FW, follow the directions provided in this “How To” video.

Use this link to determine if your unit has the current software version release installed on your Pulsar digital or thermal imaging device; Check Your Firmware.

Marine Applications for Thermal Imaging
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