Trionyx Multispectral Binoculars

Trionyx Multispectral Binoculars

The trend of modern technology is clear – greater power, features, connectivity and convenience. Computers, phones, vehicles…you name it, and chances are some team of engineers is diligently working to make it sleeker, faster and more versatile. Modern devices—of every variety— are inexorably evolving in capability while costing less and less. For lovers of free-market competition, and for all consumers, this is a good development. It means we get devoted companies tirelessly working to earn our business and prove they’re the best.

Multispectral Binoculars 

When it comes to Pulsar, the brand-new Trionyx Multispectral Binoculars may have just ended all debate about the 'best of the best'. Trionyx do more than fulfill their purpose. They do more than just beat the competition. They exceed every expectation—above and beyond—in undeniable, dominating fashion.

trionyx binoculars law enforcement

Every law enforcement officer, hunter, rancher or plain-old outdoors enthusiast needs a Trionyx Binocular. They are the first, last, and only optic that covers every base.

For police officers, state troopers, sheriffs, federal marshals, immigration agents and anyone who is part of the ‘Thin Blue Line’, the Trionyx Binoculars are a godsend. The Trionyx’s 384x288 fixed-focus thermal capabilities enable heat-signature detection up to 1,000 yards away with 2.5-10x imaging magnification. That means fleeing suspects, recently-used firearms, recently-handled drugs and warm vehicles will be instantly obvious.

thermal and digital night vision fused

After the thermal detection, the Trionyx can simply be switched over to focusable digital night vision mode with 3.5-14x magnification—with the included IR Illuminator—to acquire positive target identification. There is no need to fumble with a different device or rely on guesswork. The Trionyx handles virtually everything except the actual arrest.

The benefits to hunters and other outdoors enthusiasts are countless. Experienced hunters know that taking a clean, ethical shot is paramount to responsible hunting and conservationism. With the Trionyx, hunters can quickly locate their desired prey animal with the thermal sensor, and then switch to the digital night vision to obtain positive target identification. This will help reduce accidental shootings of non-game animals such as pets, livestock or human beings. Even better, all these spectacular features are packed into a single unit, so there won’t be the unnecessary weight and bulkiness of carrying multiple optics.

fusion rainbow

To go further, the Trionyx have video-recording capabilities and Wi-Fi connectivity, plus compatibility with the Stream Vision 2 App, so users can capture and preserve all their precious hunting memories.  

Additional Usages

For other outdoorsy types like hikers, bird watchers, park rangers, photographers or biologists, the Trionyx’s advantages are obvious and substantial. Interesting animals hiding behind bushes or vegetation can be quickly spotted, photographed and documented. Hikers can scope out the best trails and potential hazards as they traverse uneven, unfamiliar terrain. Park rangers can locate lost hikers, trespassers and poachers with stunning accuracy and little effort.     

The benefits of thermal imaging to commercial ranchers are well-documented. Ranchers with giant herds of livestock—sometimes over 1,000 animals—need thermal imaging to quickly locate and tally their herd to safeguard their assets. If an animal falls into a ditch, gets caught in a fence or falls ill, a piece of thermal imaging equipment can assist the rancher in pinpointing the animal’s location and potentially saving its life.

One particularly unique innovation of the Trionyx Binoculars is its ability to fuse thermal and digital night vision into a single image. This new technology—known as multispectral overlay—is continuing to be developed and updated via software. While the overlaid image only magnifies to the thermal’s capability, which is 2.5-10x, developers are excited about combining these technologies until there is no need to even switch between thermal and digital night vision. They can work in simultaneous harmony.

thermal animal

More Features

For all its accolades, the Trionyx still retains the traditional, built-in technological features of most Pulsar devices. It sports eight unique color palettes: white-hot, black-hot, red-hot, red monochrome, rainbow, ultramarine, violet and sepia. These different viewing choices enable users to differentiate between animals, plants and inanimate objects in their preferred palette.

Trionyx Binoculars also have 16GB of internal memory, so there’s plenty of storage space for pictures and videos. Users can also utilize the Stream Vision App to send their content to various file storage systems or social media sites. For law enforcement, this can be especially useful to preserve video evidence for court proceedings. For hunters, hikers and such, they can share all their special memories with family and friends.        

In view of the Trionyx’s spectacular tech, one might think they’re delicate, fragile devices – but they would be wrong. Trionyx Binoculars are made of a durable glass-nylon composite material and boast an IPX7 waterproof rating, which means they’re fully waterproof and can even be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes (Pulsar doesn’t recommend unnecessarily testing this specification). They’re also fully fog-proof, to add another layer of protection. Trionyx Binoculars can operate in temperatures ranging from -13F to 104F (-25C to 40C), meaning they’re equally useful in bitterly cold or unbearably hot regions.

If there are concerns about the Trionyx’ battery life, let’s dispel that notion. Powered by a TPS7 Li-Ion battery, they will work for up to 6 hours without using the IR Illuminator and will work for 4.5 hours with the IR Illuminator. They can also be powered by an external, 5V USB Type-C charging cable.

All things considered, the Trionyx Binoculars are essentially multiple devices—and unique technologies—packed into a single unit. If the user prefers, they can use the 384x288 thermal sensor to their heart’s content. If they only want the digital night vision imaging, that’s another option.

trionyx binoculars

The Do-It-All Binoculars 

If you really want to get the most out of Trionyx, you should use both modes, plus the multispectral overlay—or fusion—to accommodate all your hunting, shooting and optical needs. The Trionyx’s techie characteristics, including the video-recording, Wi-Fi connectivity and unique imaging choices, truly make this unit one-of-a-kind. In fact, this degree of technology has never been commercially available to the general public until now.

The company that has made this all possible—and continues to innovate—is Pulsar. Whether you need riflescopes, binoculars, thermal, digital night vision or accessories, Pulsar will be there.

Image. Quality.

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The T3i has 350-yard digital NV detection range and a 940nm IR illuminator.

The T3 has 450-yard digital NV detection range and an 850nm IR illuminator.


What is the difference between the Trionyx “T3” and T3i"????

S. Bergman

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