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        Pulsar Extends Your Hunt with an Array of Battery Pack Systems

        By bmatheus  

        (MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2019/06/06) – Pulsar offers an array of battery pack options for devices from riflescopes to binoculars. Whether you’re a hunter or law enforcement officer, Pulsar will help continue your hunt into the night.

        Battery Pack EPS

        Pulsar’s rechargeable Battery Pack EPS is designed for digital devices, thermal imagers and night vision riflescopes, significantly extends the operational life of your unit. Battery Pack EPS5 (PL79112) features a 20-hour battery life and Battery EPS3I (PL79113) features a 9-hour battery life.

        Battery Pack IPS & Charger

        Revolutionize the way you use Pulsar monoculars, binoculars and riflescopes with the IPS Battery Pack. IPS Battery Packs provides quick and easy access to extended battery life. IPS5 (PL79114) provides up to 10 hours of battery while the IPS10 (PL79115) holds an outstanding 40 hours of life. The IPS Battery Charger (PL79164) will keep your units charged for hours. A quick-locking connection keeps your battery in place when charging and a LED indicator notifies users when their battery is fully charged.

        DNV Battery Holder

        Pulsar DNV Battery Holder is the perfect solution when your original battery pack runs low on battery. Keep the DNV Battery Holder (PL79116) on you to prevent loss of hunting time by simply inputting four standard AA batteries to power your device. The DNV Battery Holder and Battery Pack works perfectly with your Pulsar Quantum Thermal Monocular and Pulsar Forward DN55 DNV.

         Battery Pack APS & Charger

        APS 2 (PL79162) and APS 3 Battery Packs (PL79163) are rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for the Axion Thermal Monocular and Thermion Thermal Riflescope. APS battery packs feature a volt charge of up to 3.7V and include a battery indicator to notify when the battery is fully charged. The APS Battery Charger (PL79165) is a charging base for Pulsar’s APS battery pack systems. APS Chargers are compact for easy carrying and feature a secure, quick locking battery connection and a LED charge indication.

        DNV Battery Double Pack

        The Pulsar Double DNV Battery Pack is designed to power a Pulsar Forward DFA75, Forward DN55 Digital Monocular and Quantum Thermal Monocular. Simply insert the battery pack to increase operational time of your thermal or digital night vision unit with up to 6-hours of use on a full charge. Double DNV Battery Packs are IPX5 rated water-resistant, lightweight and offer reliability throughout the night.

        If you are a dealer and want to speak to someone about pre-orders or becoming a new authorized Pulsar dealer, please contact sales@pulsarnv.com. If you are a media member or end users and would like to test and evaluate the battery systems, please contact mediarelations@pulsarnv.com.

        Pulsar Offers a Full Line of Accessories for Your Favorite Products

        By bmatheus  

        Pulsar offers a great line of accessories for your favorite thermal and digital night vision products for hunting, outdoor adventures, security and law enforcement. From head mounts to tools, Pulsar has what you need to step up your game.

        NV Compact Head Mount


        The Pulsar NV Compact Head Mount provides hands-free operation for the Pulsar Challenger monocular. The head mount is durable and lightweight while the adjustable strap allows a secure fit.

        Pulsar Neck Strap

        Keep your hands free with the new Pulsar Neck Strap. The neck strap is padded for comfortable, extended wearing while securing your monocular via a threaded screw. The Pulsar Neck Strap is compatible with the following models—Pulsar Quantum, Helion and Axion thermal monoculars.

        Helion Flip-Up Phone Mount

        The Helion Flip-Up Phone Mount allows you to connect your smart device and monocular when scouting. Stream through the Stream Vision app with Wi-Fi and easily place your mount onto a tripod to catch various angles.

        TSD1 Torque Screwdriver

        The Pulsar TSD1 Torque Screwdriver is the perfect tool to prevent overtightening and stripping. Designed to help mount Pulsar DFA scope adapters, the screwdriver is constructed of a heavy-duty, ergonomically designed plastic T-handle, complete with finger grooves and a durable aluminum driver shaft.

        What is an IR Illuminator?

        By bmatheus  

        Digital night vision has become a popular tool when hunting hogs, varmint and predators at night.

        What is an Infrared (IR) Illuminator?

        Infrared devices are used to emit infrared light into the invisible light spectrum but can be seen by special sensors. Though there are multiple IR illuminator forms, digital night vision commonly uses IR LED lighting. True IR illumination is only visible when used with special image sensor tubes and digital night vision devices. IR illuminator output wavelengths vary, resulting in either a visible red glow at the light source or are completely stealth. IR illuminators are beneficial for traditional and digital night vision devices because they provide additional artificial light to better illuminate targets and extend the device’s viewing range.

        How Do They Work?

        The infrared illuminator’s output power is measured by its wavelength and valued in nanometers. Nanometers are used to specify the wavelength of the IR that is the visible part of the light spectrum. It is always important to understand the light source’s nm strength—the greater the number, the higher the wavelength. IR illuminators may have the option of variable power or brightness level where the output source may be managed. In these modes, the lens area features a focus diopter to adjust the output’s beam for longer ranges.

        Digital night vision devices may include a built-in IR illuminator or a removable one. For example, the Pulsar Digisight Ultra N455 offers a removable IR. Built-in IR illuminators are specifically designed for the device at hand. Often, lower-powered magnification optics feature a weaker illuminator while higher-powered magnification optics boast a stronger IR. It is advised not to view targets at close ranges with a high magnification night vision device with a built-in high-powered infrared illuminator because it will perform poorly—a high-powered IR can blur your image. Buying a separate IR illuminator allows you to make brightness adjustment to avoid this problem.

        Use of an external illuminator can increase the overall detection distance of a night vision device. Before buying one, it is important to check that output power of the external IR exceeds the output power of the external IR (built in.) Otherwise, the external IR would not increase the detection range. Two popular illumination powers are 850nm and 940nm.

        Laser vs LED

        Two types of illuminating technology currently provide IR output—laser and LED. Given the same output power, laser illuminators can travel further than LED illuminators and thus further increase a night vision device’s viewing distance. Laser illuminators, however, must be diffused in order to be eye-safe so they produce a “grainy” imaging effect when viewed through a night vision device.  Laser IRs also offer a more focused field of view than LED. LED, on the other hand, costs less than laser, but cannot reach the same distance unless equipped with an exceptionally high output power.  Therefore, laser illuminators consume less energy than comparable LED illuminators of the same power.

        What is the Difference in IR Wavelengths?

        Visible IR 850

        The white light source produces a faint red glow, illumination is not visible to the naked eye. Most of the true day/night cameras with removable an IR have a great sensitivity to 850nm wavelength.

        Invisible IR 940

        This IR does not produce a red glow, making it completely undetectable. Invisible IRs are highly sought after by law enforcement, military and railroad applications where red light is often used. The illumination range is 30–40 percent shorter, compared to 850nm wavelength.

        Now Shipping: Thermion Thermal Riflescopes

        By bmatheus  

        (MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2019/05/31) – Pulsar brought true superiority to SHOT Show 2019, with the unveiling of the new Thermion Thermal Riflescope. Pulsar will begin distributing limited quantities of Thermions starting with XM models this month. Pulsar has set a new milestone with the Thermion with its traditional riflescope design.

        The cutting-edge thermal optic provides hunters clarity when hunting, day or night. Create memories by enhancing your hog, predator and varmint hunts with the Thermion Thermal riflescope.

        The Thermion will be available in five different models: XM30, XM38, XM50, XP38 and XP50. The XM models boast a 320×240 microbolometer resolution with 12μm pixel pitch and a full-color 1024×768 HD AMOLED display, delivering a crisp image with a detection range of up to 2,500 yards. The XP models are feature-rich with a 640×480 microbolometer resolution, 17μm pixel pitch, a 1024×768 HD AMOLED full-color display and detection range of 2,000 yards.

        Additional Thermion features include variable zoom, picture-in-picture mode, 15 reticles in 4 colors and 8 display color pallets. An integrated 16GB of internal memory allows you to take still images and record video.

        If you are a dealer and want to speak to someone about pre-orders or becoming a new Pulsar authorized dealer, please contact sales@pulsarnv.com. If you are a media member and would like to test and evaluate the Thermion please contact mediarelations@pulsarnv.com.

        Experience Thermal with the Accolade LRF

        By bmatheus  

        (MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2019/05/15) – Turn your hunt into a high-tech adventure with the Pulsar Accolade laser rangefinding Thermal Binoculars with 384 and 640 core resolution and a detection range of up to 2,000 yards. Accolade thermal binoculars feature a dual eyepiece helping to reduce eye fatigue during long scanning and surveying periods.

        Pulsar offers two laser range finding models; XQ38 LRF and XP50 LRF. Accolade XQ38 LRF models boast a 384×288 sensor with a 50hz refresh rate detecting detailed thermal images from up to 1,475 yards. XP50 LRF models feature a 640×480 sensor with a 50hz refresh rate for thermal ranges up to 2,000 yards and a 640×480 frost-resistant AMOLED display.

        Pulsar offers the highest level of image quality and eight custom color modes to provide flawless crisp clear images in virtually any condition. Record your adventure with the built-in video recorder and stream it through the Stream Vision App.

        All Accolades are now shipping and available for order. If you are a dealer or wish to become a new authorized Pulsar dealer please contact sales@pulsarnv.com or if you are a media member and would like to test and evaluate please contact mediarelations@pulsarnv.com.



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