Pulsar’s Duo Series

Pulsar’s Duo Series

The groundbreaking new Duo series from Pulsar showcases the capabilities of modern digital technology. As a leading name in the hunting industry, Pulsar has long been known for the quality of both its night vision and thermal solutions, and this new technology allows it to utilize the power of both. Each product in the Duo family is able to utilize Pulsar’s high quality thermal sensors in conjunction with either digital night vision, in the case of the Merger Duo NXP50, or a full-color digital daytime mode, as is the case with Pulsar’s line of Thermion Duos.

Merger Duo NXP50

The Merger Duo binoculars allow you to quickly switch between thermal imaging and monochrome night digital channels. Unconstrained by a single view window, this model supports Picture in Picture mode, allowing users to observe heat outlines in thermal mode while simultaneously viewing details of their target through digital night vision.

The Merger’s thermal imaging channel can be used either during nighttime or during the day in adverse weather conditions such as fog, smog, or rain. It can also defeat natural camouflage obscuring the target such as branches, tall grass, and dense bushes.

Similarly, in digital night vision mode, the Merger provides enhanced object detail within its operational range of approximately 500 yards when coupled with an IR illuminator. It's important to mention that although the thermal component offers a wider detection range of up to 1,969 yards, it can only function alongside the digital night vision component within the latter's range. Even so, 500 yards is more than enough range for the average nocturnal hunter.

Thermion 2 Duo DXP50 and DXP55

Pulsar’s Thermion Duo is the company’s first multispectral hunting riflescope that seamlessly integrates the cutting-edge thermal imaging technology Pulsar is known for with the unparalleled clarity and vividness of full-color daytime optics. Available in DXP50 and DXP55 variants, offering magnifications ranging from 2-16x to 4-32x, these riflescopes boast an impressive detection range of 1800 yards.

Similar to the Merger, this highly versatile multispectral optic excels in defeating animal camouflage and cutting through fog in thermal mode, while also providing crystal-clear observation of prey in daylight with its full-color mode. Equipped with a picture-in-picture feature, hunters can simultaneously pinpoint an animal through dense fog or foliage using its 640x480 high-sensitivity thermal sensor, while also observing the surrounding area in full-color 4k HD.

The Thermion Duo series embodies the extensive range of practical features that define Pulsar products, including one-shot freeze zeroing, 1024x768 photo and video recording with audio, seamless Wi-Fi integration with the Stream Vision 2 app, and advanced image processing capabilities.

With a robust battery life of six hours and compatibility with USB C chargers, the Thermion Duos combine power with endurance. Crafted from solid aluminum alloy, these riflescopes are shockproof and waterproof, boasting an IPX7 rating to withstand the most rigorous wilderness conditions. With its myriad of features and capabilities, the Thermion Duo series heralds the future of hunting and digital optics.

Pulsar's groundbreaking Duo series exemplifies the convergence of modern digital technology in the hunting industry. Renowned for their quality night vision and thermal solutions, Pulsar has capitalized on this reputation by integrating both technologies seamlessly in the Duo family. Whether it's the Merger Duo NXP50 binoculars, offering swift transitions between thermal imaging and digital night vision modes, or the Thermion Duo DXP50 and DXP55 riflescopes, combining thermal imaging with full-color daytime optics, each product represents a pinnacle of innovation. With features like Picture in Picture mode, high-sensitivity thermal sensors, and advanced image processing, Pulsar has set a new standard for versatility and performance in hunting optics. From defeating natural camouflage to enduring the harshest wilderness conditions, the Duo series is not just a step forward—it's a leap into the future of hunting and digital optics.


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