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Pulsar Thermal Accessories

Imaging Lenses

The imaging lenses give you the opportunity to quickly change your Helion XP’s magnification and give you a wider field of view.

  • F28—1.5x magnification
  • F38—1.9x magnification
  • F50—2.5x magnification

These propriety lenses are made of premium, fine-ground polished and coated Germanium glass with a durable glass-filled nylon composite housing. Whether you need a lower magnification or higher, the F28, F38 or F50 imaging lenses for your Helion XP monocular.

Fits: Helion XP

Locking QD Mount

This compact, quick-detach mount will automatically rezero your optic no matter what rifle you switch from. Specifically designed for the AR-15 and other MSRs, the locking QD mount includes three mounting screws and a locking switch. Durable, lightweight aluminum makes this mount barely noticeable at 3.5 ounces, 3.66 inches in length, 1.85 inches wide and only 0.79 inches tall.

Fits: Trail, Apex, Digisight, Core

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Tree Mount

Mount your Pulsar device to virtually any vertical structure including tree trunks, poles or tree stands. Supporting up to 1kg, mount your thermal or digital night vision unit via the adjustable two-inch strap or included wood screws. The Pulsar tree mount is compatible with any unit with a ¼-inch tripod mount. An integrated Weaver rail secures your scope, binoculars or monocular.

Fits: Any Pulsar unit with a 1/4-inch tripod mount. 

Wireless Remote Control

Access your Helion, Trail, Digisight Ultra and certain Apex models menu and primary functions remotely with the wireless remote control. You can take pictures, perform pixel repair, change reticles and more! It has a very user-friendly interface with easy controls and is water-resistant.

FIts: Helion, trail, Digisight Ultra and some Apex.

Non-Slip Phone Stand

Keep your phone securely set up horizontal or vertical when using the Stream Vision app in the tree stand, blind or on your car’s dashboard. Made of non-slip material, the non-slip phone stand is designed so you can see exactly what your streaming in real time.

TSD1 Torque Screwdriver

The T-style torque screwdriver prevents overtightening and stripping of mounting screws of your Forward DFA attachment.  This hex key drive is constructed of a heavy-duty plastic handle with sure-grip finger grooves and an aluminum driver shaft.

Fits: Forward DFA

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Quantum Neck Strap

Keep your hands free! The padded and adjustable neck strap attaches to your Quantum/Quantum S and other thermal devices with a 1/4-inch tripod socket. The included threaded screws attach the Quantum securely, even in the roughest of fields.

Fits: Quantum and devices with a 1/4-inch tripod socket. 

C-Clamp Mount

The C-Clamp mount provides a stable mounting platform for your Pulsar Helion or Digiforce on almost any surface—car window, crossbeams, hand rails, etc. With a pivoting ball head, you can easily adjust the monocular for observing and spotting. Made of durable aluminum and ABS plastic, the C-clamp mount weighs 10.9 ounces and it 9.56 inches long.

Fits: Helion and Digiforce with 1/4-inch tripod mount.

IR Flashlights

All IR flashlights fit devices with a Weaver mounting system and increase your viewing distance at night.

805 IR Flashlight

The 805 infrared LED flashlight has a variable beam from narrow to flood and fits all Pulsar devices with a Weaver mounting system. It features an adjustable IR spot position, adjustable collimation and low battery indicator. Included is a carrying case, output video cable, hand strap, car adapter, extra battery container and cleaning cloth.

X850 IR Flashlight

Increase your brightness and viewing distance with the high-powered X850 IR LED flashlight with 350mW. Compatible with all night vision devices, it has a variable spot to flood beam and adjustable IR spot positioning. Included are a carrying case, adapter and cleaning cloth. The X850 is compatible with any Pulsar unit with a Weaver or Picatinny mount.

940 IR Flashlight

Compatible with all Pulsar night vision, this high-powered IR flashlight extends your viewing distance in the dark. The variable beam control smoothly transitions from spot to flood. It will mount to any Pulsar unit with a Weaver or Picatinny rail. Included are a carrying case, adapter and cleaning cloth.

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