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        Scope Covers and Mounts

        A variety of accessories are available for Pulsar scopes, including scope covers, night vision attachment adaptors, and tree mounts.

        Scope Covers from Pulsar USA

        Neoprene scope covers fit a variety of sizes, keeping your optics safe while in transport or out in the elements. Protect your scope anytime, anywhere.

        Attachment Adaptors

        Attachment adaptors are designed for quick transitions from your daytime scope to Pulsar night vision optics. Continue hunting long after the sun has set without having to pause to change scopes.

        Cover ring adapters for forward night vision attachments allow for quick transitions from daytime sighting to nighttime hunting, all without having to fiddle with extra equipment. Quick release levers make it easy to remove forward attachments as desired.

        Tree Mounts

        Pulsar mounts allow optical attachments to be affixed to your rifle or external elements such as trees, posts, etc. with minimal hassle. Increase your options while out in the field with mounts for forward attachments and other devices available from Pulsar.

        Tree mounts allow you to fix Pulsar devices to vertical elements such as trees, pillars, or posts for a flexible optical advantage. A tripod design keeps your scope secure while mounted with optimum stability, allowing for reliable, versatile sighting options while afield.

        Pulsar FN 56 mm Cover Ring Adapter for Forward F135/155
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        Pulsar Tree Mount
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