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        Firmware Update for Thermion XM and Axion XM30S

        (MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – If you own an Axion XM30S thermal imaging monocular or a Thermion XM thermal riflescope, there is a new Image Detail Boost firmware update available! Simply launch the Stream Vision App on your smartphone and download this firmware for your unit. So, what’s new in firmware version update 4.5? Image Detail Boost, which significantly improves image clarity, is included in the update. 

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        Is It Against the Law to Hunt at Night?

        *Check with local law enforcement regarding the legalities of hunting at night. This content should not be regarded as legal advice.

        When delving into hunting laws, things get convoluted and certainly confusing. There are many restrictions, rules and regulations—what type of firearm, ammo and caliber you can use, when, where and what you can hunt, as well as which equipment and accessories are allowed—all defined by state laws because there are hardly any federal hunting laws. 

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        Daytime Use of Thermal

        Thermal Imaging

        By Pulsar  

        Thermal imaging technology has existed for roughly 60 years but has only been available to civilian consumers for the past 20-30 years. Unlike night vision, thermal imaging requires zero light to function. 

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        Safari Hunting


        By Pulsar  

        Legal Disclaimer: Information in this blog is purely informative and should not be construed as legal permission to engage in illicit activities. Hunters must check and comply with the regulations governing the areas where they hunt. Pulsar is not responsible for any loss or damages resulting from engagement in illegal hunting activities.

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        Lesser-known Invasive Species


        By Pulsar  

        If you’re concerned about the ongoing invasion of feral hogs—and other invasive species—in the United States, you might be a Texan. It doesn’t require extensive research to know the species has become a serious issue in the United States.

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