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        The Hog-Dog Helion Blog

        The Python Cowboy

        By Pulsar  December 13, 2021

        In the wilderness, without tools, humans are generally useless and defenseless. Our teeth aren’t meant for fighting, nor are our fingernails, and our soft skin is easily broken. Compared to most animals, we have poor eyesight, a poor sense of smell, and we don’t run very fast.  

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        Pulsar Firmware Update Release 01/04/2021

        Hunter Banner

        By Pulsar  

        What’s New for FW/Software Version 2.7 / 4.7?

        The 12/29/2020 FW version update improves the output of the built-in video recorder and encodes the video recording files.
        After the FW/software update, your unit will be able to:

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